European Federation of Saint James Way

We are working to build a common European awareness of the Saint James Way

A European network based on a common heritage and on a historical model of coexistence and solidarity [+]

“Europe was made on
a pilgrimage to Compostela”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832)

Technological tools for the pilgrim

Interactive map
More than 500 points of interest along the European Saint James roads. Access to the 360 virtual tours … [+]

Virtual Tours
8 virtual 360 degree tours, with immersive and multi-language audio-guided content, allowing pilgrims to …[+]

Augmented way: geoaudioguide
The geoaudioguided augmented reality application incorporates the audio guides in English, French,…[+]

Augmented_way: heritage
Creative Loci Iacobi, your augmented path, is the augmented and virtual reality application that pilgrims …[+]

Travel advisor app
The Saint James Way Travel advisor app is a practical interactive guide that helps pilgrims on the many … [+]
Financed with European funds in the Creative Loci Iacobi project… [+]



Each country is represented by public or private entities that are a benchmark in the management and protection of the Caminos de Santiago in different territories in Europe. The European Federation of Saint James Way welcomes the incorporation into new territories.

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